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A New Documentary by Ann Michel and Phil Wilde




Berlin and Brandenburg Jewish Film Festival

Berlin, Germany

July 5, 2017




Cottbus Eastern European Film Festival

Cottbus, Germany

 November 12, 2016

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More than a Holocaust story, this is a journey of a New Yorker to discover the secrets hidden in Bzionkow, an Upper Silesian ruin, and learn about her unknown Jewish past and the place she didn’t know she would love.
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By November 8, 1938 in German Silesia, Ann's great-grandparents,

Salo and Else Hepner, walked out of this front door never to return.





Ann Michel

Director, Researcher, Writer, Editor

Was born in 1957 in the United Kingdom. She grew up in Europe and New York City. She studied mathematics at Cornell University. She is the founder of Insights International Inc., a production firm specializing in science and educational on-line, TV and theatrical events. She has also served as President of the Robert Flaherty Film Seminars.


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Phil Wilde

Director, Researcher, Writer, Cinematographer

Was born in 1951 in New York, USA. He studied science at Cornell University, where he became involved in the politics and art of video production in the 1970s. Since then, he has produced, directed, photographed, and written numerous films and videos about science, technology, and social issues. He is a principal and owner of Insights International.


Jon Hilton

Mr. Hubert

Aleksandr Mergold

David Ost

Bernard Gaida

Ann Elisabeth Jessen

Pawel Mrozek

Marian Rust

Bolko von Schweinichen

Monika Hemperek

Ingo Kottkamp

Aleksandra Mucha

Mikolaj Smolenski




There are Polish and German subtitles available.  Click on the cc button on the video navigation bar.



Cornell University Architecture Student Projects

click on the images below to see the 5 projects on the future of Bzionkow as designed by the Cornell students of architecture.









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